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Making a living, MAKING A DIFFERENCE

Grouped verb phrases

All 16,182 verb phrases grouped into 16 categories. Tables 1.1 and 1.2, Table 3.1, Table 4.2 and Table 7.1, among others, are based on this categorization. See the entire list of verb phrases.

English terms Swedish terms
Administration and justice Administration, rättsskipning och myndighetsutövning
Agriculture and forestry Jord- och skogsbruk
Care Vård
Crafts and construction Hantverk och konstruktion
Credit Låneverksamhet
Food and accommodation Mat och logi
Hunting and fishing Jakt och fiske
Managerial work Arbetsledning
Military Militär verksamhet
Teaching Undervisning
Theft and misappropriation Tillgrepp
Trade Handel
Trade in real estate Fastighetshandel
Transport Transport
Unspecified work Ospecificerat arbete/tjänande
Other specified work Övrigt specificerat arbete

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Table 5.2 is based on nine SQLs. You find them in this document.

Search 23

Table 5.3 is based on the following query:

SELECT  "Aktivitetsnummer","Fallnummer","Individnummer","Kön","Civilstånd","Beteckning","Verbfras (nutida)" WHERE "Verbfras (nutida)" != 'lönearbeta vid*' AND "Arbetsområde" = 'Arbetsledning'

The query yields 1,014 rows. About 300 of these were found to be irrelevant and was sorted out. In this file you can follow the sorting out process.