Units of Analysis

GaW is a complex database, containing a wide range of different types of information. The following is a description of the database’s most important units of analysis (in accordance with DDI Controlled Vocabulary for Analysis Unit):

Unit of analysis (from DDI) Description in GaW


Source text, longer or shorter extracts from a source. Recorded with the same sentence structure and, as a rule, the same spelling found in the original. Each source text contains at least one proof of the actual performance of work.
EventOrProcess Activity, description in the source text of use of time dedicated to support or sustenance. An activity is recorded in the database both as it is formulated in the original source and in standardized form (verb + object).
Individual The person or persons who perform an activity or are connected to those performing an activity.
Organization In those cases in which the activity’s organizational framework is apparent in the source text, either explicitly or implicitly, the organizational affiliation has been recorded.
Family In those cases in which the source text contains information regarding the relatives of the person(s) performing an activity, the family relationships of the individuals have been recorded.
Household In those cases in which the source text contains information regarding with whom the performer of an activity resided, the household affiliation of the individuals has been recorded.

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