The GaW team 2020–2022

The project leader of GaW is Professor Maria Ågren. The major part of the funding has been secured in her position as a Wallenberg Scholar and a Rådsprofessor of The Swedish Research Council. Maria Ågren presents and represents the project in many international and national contexts. She is responsible for questions concerning the budget and funding of the project.

Jonas Lindström and Karin Hassan Jansson are the research leaders of the project. They are responsible for seminars, workshops and meetings but mainly focus on GaW research. Jonas Lindström is also in charge of further developing the GaW database.

There are three PhD students in the project: Caroline Lindroth, Jezzica Israelsson and Carolina Menker.

Sofia Ling is the project coordinator. She leads the work of research assistants and trainees and works with quality assurance of the database content. Linnea Henningsson works as a research assistant. She transcribes court records from the Swedish province of Västmanland and registers cases in the database. Örjan Kardell is a research assistant and researcher. He mainly works on the petition project (coordinated by GaW), where he registers and indexes petitions sent to the Governor’s Administration of the province of Örebro in the 18th century.

Also, Carl-Mikael Wærn-Carlsson, Marie Ulväng and Christopher Pihl participate as researchers in this project phase.

The GaW database is constructed by our partners at the Centre for Demographic and Ageing Research (CEDAR), Umeå University. It is continuously developed closely with the research project GaW and will soon be released in a new version.


GaW has had a close collaboration with several other research projects through the years. Some of them are listed below.

Last modified: 2022-11-16